Aug 102008

Ever wanted to start a blogging system for your phpBB forum users? We can help you start a blogging service for your phpBB forum users on your system, completely branded in your name. What’s more your forum members do not have to sign up for another account and can use their phpBB forum profile to access their personal blogs. Forum administrator can control which users get the permission to create their blogs.

The overall purpose of this mod is to keep communities closer together (rather than joining a humongous community just for a weblog (i.e. livejournal, xanga, etc.) and as a method of grouping weblogs together by community (unlike other systems such as blogger, moveable type)

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Jul 132008

phpBB recently released the stable version for phpBB 3.0. It has many features and a completely new architecture. While phpBB 3 is surely a great new product, it is important to follow certain steps while upgrading your phpBB 2.0 script to the latest version.

  1. Backup all your files and databases
  2. Read the upgrade instructions carefully
  3. Make sure your server meets the phpBB 3.0 requirements for PHP and MySQL
  4. Always try and use the upgrade scripts and installers to upgrade the DB
  5. After upgrade is complete make sure to check your board for any errors.

If you are not sure on how to do the upgrade or are stuck at some step, feel free to contact us. We will be happy to send you a free quote for the upgrade.

Jul 122008

Many forum owners want to install a functionality on their phpBB forum to enable certain topics only after the users have posted some minimum number of posts. This makes sure that users participate in the forum before they are able to access the important resources.

We can help you integrate minimum post mod for phpBB on your board. Contact us today to receive a free quote.

Jul 112008

Social bookmarking is important traffic generation technique that is used by many forums. One of the most popular social bookmarking site is Generally many phpBB forum administrators manually submit each and every popular forum thread to digg. Not only is this time consuming, it also denies forum members the opportunity to submit a post to Digg.

We can help you solve this issue by installing a Digg it mod on your phpBB forum. This mod will help you and your forum members to submit phpbb forum threads to and allow others to digg those submissions. All with just few clicks.

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Jul 102008

phpBB by default does not provide a quick reply module in the standard installation. Hence a reply page must be loaded for every reply that a user posts on the phpbb based forum. This not only eats more server cpu and bandwidth but also discourages users from posting. A simple solution to this issue is to install phpBB quick reply mod. phpBB quick reply mod creates a small reply posting box on the thread page itself. This enables users to post a quick reply to the on going discussion/conversion in the thread.

We can help you integrate quick reply mod into your phpBB forum. Contact us today to receive a free quote.